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You hate Ruby? I used to not think much of her, but looking back on it, I’m pretty impressed. It took a lot to pull that off. Whatever, I’m pretty hard to offend so I don’t see everything done to a female character as a personal attach against me.

Like…I hate Ruby the way Dean hates Ruby, because she’s a EVIL. I don’t mind the her character…well, no, I found her poorly written, executed and acted, and annoying in S3. Ruby 2.0 was better, imho.

But that’s just my opinion.
::meow:: I’ve always liked the side characters more than Sam and Dean. There have been many great female characters in SPN, even if they don’t stick around for long, I still love Anna, Bela, Pamela, Jo, etc., and am glad they were part of the story.

Me too.

SPN is great because it’s created a huge, wonderful world full of great characters. I love almost all of them.
If we’re talking about characters killed to further the plot via manpain, KEVIN is the biggest example of the whole darn series since like Jess or something. Seriously.

Or Bobby. But yeah. Kevin was killed to give Dean motivation for his downward spiral. It had nothing to do with them hating kevin and everything to do with where they wanted their main character to go.

Writers don’t sit around ploting and say “Oh this woman is TOO INTERESTING, I MUST KILL HER.”

Though I think that’s what the fandom thinks they do sometimes.